Tips on Posing Your Models for New Photographers

Hey Folks! Hope you are having an amazing week!

It’s been a few days since I posted last because I have been pretty busy with my full time banker job AND finally getting started on my side “job” of photography. More of a hobby but I have been having fun with it. Especially since I just got my brand new DREAM camera!

So I wanted to share some tips with you about something camera related because of that. And something that I think that I am pretty decent at is posing my models. Not to brag or anything but I get lots of compliments on this part of it.

Without further ado; here is a fun little post with just three tips for those of you new to photography.

I hope this helps and happy shooting!

(All photos are mine)

I mostly tend to work with new models or non-models due to the nature of photography I usually do. I have worked with some very talented models who knew what they’re doing but I also really enjoy working with the newest ones!

Here are the tips:

Make them feel comfortable.
NOTHING. Nothing is more important than making your model feel comfortable and SAFE.
-No matter who I shoot with or what kind of photo shoot it is I ALWAYS start with letting them know that any pose (I rarely do boudoir but no matter what kind of shoot I tell them this)
“If you feel uncomfortable at all for any reason or any pose during this shoot please let me know!”
It doesn’t matter if the poses are “sexy” or not or just casual or whatever the heck they are!
-I also let my models know that it is totally OKAY to bring someone. A photographer should NEVER care if you bring someone or not. If it makes you feel comfortable than one hundred percent do it.
-I make sure they agree with whatever the shoot is or location before meeting them!
If they seem awkward or uncomfortable with a pose I direct (maybe it’s just a way that makes their arm feel awkward) I redirect them to something that works better for them.
-I will also joke or just talk with the models so they aren’t so focused on everything being perfect and just have fun.
Less poses, more candid, the better the photos come out anyways!

Hands can seriously make or break a photo! Nothing screams awkward like awkward hands.
-When in doubt have your model maybe brush their hair back slowly or have them grab their jacket or sweater or sleeve (sorta like the pic above. My sister is the lovely model btw).
-Sometimes if I have shoot with someone who proclaims to be awkward or is new to modeling I will even have them hold a coffee cup or some sort of prop or maybe a book or something like that.
-If they can bend their arms slightly or loosen their grip if they’re holding something or have their hands in their pockets.
-Tell them to maybe do something natural with their hands at first. Like if they were not actually getting a photo of themselves how would they actually move their hand or how would they actually pick something up and hold it?

And my last tip for the day…

Talk to your model
Talk to them about the shoot, before the shoot, what your plan is, while you are shooting them, getting models to smile during the shoot creates the most genuine and beautiful photos of people that 9 times outta 10 are their favorite photos during the whole shoot.
-Talking to your model relieves their own anxieties and yours. Makes the whole shoot less awkward for the both of you.
-Talking to them about the poses makes them more sure of what you want. A lot of the time, especially new models, love a little more direction during the shoot.
-Talk to them about your ideas and let them tell you their ideas! They may have something they wanna try and it might be one of the best things that could happen on your shoot!

There are so many more reasons why than I can list that I could go on aaaaaall day but I am not gonna.
Talk. To. Your. Models.

That is all for now, folks! I hope you enjoyed this post. Might have been a little bit different from my last couple of posts but I hope you enjoy nonetheless.
Tell me what ya think! Comment and lemme know.

– Mrs. Price

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