How We Got Hitched – Part 3

Hey All!
I am back to finish off our series; “How We Got Hitched”!
Hope you have all been well!

A reminder to share your first kiss photos! I wanna share them on a post here 🙂

Anywho, here are the final photos I wanted to share with y’all from our big day.

My aunt was a BIG help that day too! She made our cupcakes as a wedding gift to us (it was a lot of fun because me, my sisters, my cousin Fi, my mom, my mom-in-law, and three of the grandmas on T’s side helped decorate them)

For our cupcake flavors we had:
Key-lime pie, Raspberry Lemonade, Coffee (w/ actual chocolate coffee beans on top, Salted Caramel w/ real pretzels on top, Dark Chocolate with chocolate crumbles, Vanilla Bean, & I can’t even remember the rest! Haha but they were so good & went fast!

My mom made the cute banner

We had given these succulents out to the people who had helped with our wedding. My aunt had grown them, my dad had cut the wood carvings for the centerpieces, T’s family and me had made the seed packets we gave out as goodies.

Proud uncle & auntie
(Now we have six nieces & nephews all together)

The plant T & I had used as our Unity “candle”.
The night before the wedding I had completely forgotten to get these & thankfully my sister brought the pot & my sister-in-law had grabbed us a plant to use!

We totally had a taco bar because tacos & because it would be perfect for meat-eaters, vegans, & vegetarians w/ all the options.

My mother-in-law had bought us the cake & my mom & sisters decorated it.

AAAAnnddd that’s all, folks!
Thank you SO much for taking the time to read this! If you have any questions or comments; you know what to do!

-Mrs. Price

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