8 Things You Can Expect From This Blog

Hey folks! Mrs. Price here,
I wanted to just take a few minutes (mostly a mini break from my wedding photos) to share with you some things you can expect to see & read from my blog!

So maybe some posts here & there to share with you about Mr. Price & me, like apartment tours, my plant babies, what our cat Luna did this time, or important events that come up every now & again.

I am a part-time photographer so I wanna share my shoots every so often if they’re really fun. Especially since I just purchased & am waiting on my new camera!!! (We had to finance it).
& I would love to share any tips I have with you!

I LOOOOOOVE this one. Whether I am great at it or not I just wanna share some of my favorite looks with you! Especially since I like to thrift a lot of my clothing so I thought it would be fun to share how I put some of my outfits together. I also just got a passion for it!

How-To guides.
Follow along with me on my journey while I learn to do the things I wanna do & get better at the things I know. Maybe you & I share some tips along the way!

Mr. Price & I got the travel bug. We may not go ALL the time but that’s what we dream about! Traveling the world!

Showcasing my talented friends.
I have some pretty talented friends who create AMAZING things! I would love to interview them all & share their wonderful creations with you!

Real life.
I just wanna be authentic & share my triumphs & struggles with you!

Sipping coffee.
We drink A LOT of coffee. I sort of apologize in advance if there are too many coffee photos on here in the future!

That’s it for now, folks! What would you like to see? Or is there something I didn’t write on here that you’d be interested in hearing about? Leave me a comment or just say hello!

– Mrs. Price

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