How We Got Hitched – Part 1

Our Wedding day. 


Wowza. We’ve almost been married two full years now. & We already hate each other. … Just kidding ūüėČ
Still in love but still a real couple. We fight & we laugh & we cry & we love. 

I still look back on our wedding day & even if our wedding is probably no longer stylish; it was one of my flavorist days.
I didn’t really have a theme for a wedding but I just knew what I wanted & thank God that it went so well together. 

T & I both worked like three jobs each to pay for it. That was important to us. Of course we had help from both our parents but we seriously hustled & paid off & for our wedding ourselves. So it was also important for us to make sure that only people who loved & supported us were there. (BIGGEST ADVICE I CAN GIVE YOU IF YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED. If they don’t support you or your partner; they shouldn’t be invited! Besides venues only have so much space).

Another cool thing about our wedding is the love that went into it. Everyone who helped us was special to us which made what they gave or did even more special. We got to pay (a pretty damn good price too) our talented friends & family to be a part of our special day.

My photographer was also my roommate.

My talented mother of course did so freaking much for our day. From making the garter (something blue) to the buntings strung along the barn of our venue to so much more

My oldest sister made ALL the bouquets & corsages & boutonni√®res from fake flowers T & I had bought from a craft store. 
We had gone with succulents because I am succulent parent to the obsessive degree, darker rose because those were the first flowers T had ever given me the very first time he had asked me out, roses & ferns because we also live in the Northwest.

She also made Rose gold pinecone necklaces (I bought the material but she had taken care of making them (because she does jewelry) for part of the gifts for my bridesmaids.

My second oldest sister has the most beautiful handwriting so she had written all my chalkboards for me & there were like probably ten of them!

T had also worked at a Cider Tap room & I had even covered a few shifts there while paying for our day. The owners are great friends of ours & not only gave us discounted alcoholic Cider to cater our day but also one of the owners even married us. 

Got these Rose gold labeled bags to hold the bridesmaids gifts in from some shop on Etsy because why not?

My shoes were only $2 bucks from the clearance section at Target but they also hurt like hell so I got rid of them right after the wedding. 

The best bride squad gift. A “Bride” fannypack.

I worked at Black Rock at the time & they had supplied our wedding day with their coffee for our coffee bar 

We had gotten mugs from Goodwill & my oldest sister helped wrap the twine on these for decorations & to cover up old labels they had on them!

 My mom made this bowtie for my nephew’s ring bearer suit

My dress wasn’t anyone first choice when all of us had gone to try on dresses. My mom & mother-in-law had very different taste from each other & I couldn’t find the dress I wanted. But the gal who was helping me get into dresses randomly grabbed one we didn’t think would work but as soon as I tried it on; EVERYONE knew it was the dress.

Plus it was only $200 from David’s Bridal.

Now I don’t wanna stuff my wedding day down your throat so I’m gonna stop here even though I¬†would actually really love to shove¬†it down your throats. Just kidding. Maybe.
Thanks for reading! I’ll be sharing more photos of the Big Day in my next post! Stay tuned & lemme know if you have any questions or you’d like to leave a¬†comment & tell me how fabulous my day was.¬†

Tell me about your Big Day! What is your theme? Do you have a theme? Do you have any friends who created something for your day? Tell me tell me tell me.

– M. Price 

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