Meet The Prices

Hi there! Mrs. Price here, the author of this blog, & the happily (albeit pain-in-the-ass-at-times… okay most of the time) person (I’m the one smiling like a dork on the right) married to the stud (on the right of this picture). 

I just wanted to tell ya a lil about us, the Prices, duh. & about this blog! (another duh).
We are two full-time working twenty something year olds who’ve been married almost two years now, trying to eliminate our debt, work hard at our dreams, & be happy while juggling the economy, marriage, our families, two very different upbringings, & time-zapping jobs. 

A little about T; my other half.
T is one hard working dude. He usually is working two to three jobs, one of them is full time, all the while he’s going to school to be an accountant. He is a Virgo, he grounds me, he challenges me, & he’s the most logical yet kind soul you’ll ever meet. He is always willing to help others & constantly willing to put up with my emotional, hard-headed, anxiety-ridden butt.  He is the smartest guy I know & the funniest (okay maybe second to my dad). He is a year younger than me but likes old man things like; gin, jazz, staying in, & history. He also LOVES to cook. Thank god, because I don’t, & if he didn’t cook… we’d probably always order out.

Now me, I like reading, drawing, coffee, painting, puppies, music, art, photography, & plants. I suck at math even though I work at a bank. The bank job is new to me especially after managing a coffee shop for years. I don’t like sitting still, or being told what to do, & I have no patience. I am an Aries (which really ins’t important to know but I’mma still throw that in there).  I dream of owning my own coffee shop or being a full-time photographer. Either way I wanna be my own boss because managing a store & a team was my favorite. 

I used to write blogs all the time when I was younger & I really missed it.
I wanna start writing again & really get into it & share my struggles trying to make ends meet while finding the joy in simple things. 

Also is blogging still a thing? I mean I know Instagram is still big but what about a good ol’ fashioned blog? 
If you can relate to any of my story, or triumphs, or downfalls, or even know what it’s like to be a millennial then maybe you’ll still follow along with our journey & keep reading even if blogging is too old school!

Nice to meet you! Be sure to say hello & introduce yourself in a comment because I’d love to chat with you!
What do you like to read about on blogs or do you feel like you resonate well with what I have written?

– M. Price. 

PS. I’ll be sharing our wedding photos (I might be a lil obsessed with how our “PNW” themed wedding turned out) in my next post so stay tuned!

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